Your Front Door – Making A First Impression

by admin on August 25, 2010

Many home owners tend to overlook the importance that a front door has in home design. Much time is typically dedicated to the general exterior and certainly, interior of our homes; we tend to see the front door as an added after-thought. But it acts as a go-between the exterior and interior and is the initial point of the stage entrance into the home. It establishes the personality of your home from your outset and sets expectations. It also tells the world not only what the inside is like but the people residing there.

The entry to your home can either be perceived as an invitation or a barrier to an invitation. It can convey a message to visitors and the neighbourhood in general. And this can fluctuate throughout the year; certainly, Christmas can have a bearing in what the entire front of the house looks like due to the weather and possible decorations,

Every part of the home conveys a particular message. The porch in 1950s America, for example conveys a welcoming atmosphere, with the owners looking on and observing the outside activity, with friends and neighbours passing by with a smile or even stopping to chat.

In times past, how the entry of the home appeared was a sign of the wealth and status of those whom resided there. This can be overdone with some homes having forced decorations and looking a little too out of place. It is wiser for the front entrance of the home to be designed with familiar elements in mind so as not to overwhelm the visitor and passers by. Plotted plants give the guests a more comfortable feeling.

A door, besides having a strong impact upon the appearance of your house, also has a practical value and just how practical depends upon party, the width of the door. It needs to be wide enough for furniture to come and go. It really needs to be minimally 42 inches wide. It also needs to durable and resistant to strong weather. How much glass depends on how much daylight you want to enter the home and how much privacy you want. If you have a wooden door, it is prone to weather damage but if protected by an overhanging roof, it should last the course.